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Emstf Service Level Agreement

Our efforts to improve service have been recognized by our most valued customers: in order to better understand our customers, EMSTF has set up a set of communication channels at different levels to learn more about the needs and needs of our customers. Providing quality customer service is in the best interests of customers and in the interest of EMSTF. We have made progress in improving our customer services in terms of cost, quality and reliability. By streamlining our processes, we can reduce our service costs next year, as outlined below: on the one hand, client managers have been appointed at the assistant manager level to address each client`s interests and concerns. As part of this process, regular meetings are held between the EMSTF customer manager and our clients` management to verify our performance and gather feedback. Similarly, monthly or quarterly working meetings are organized to allow clients to better understand our services and the progress of major work. In 1996/97, approximately 68% of the Commercial Fund`s services were covered by this agreement. The advantage is to include maintenance standards and performance levels for each service package and customer service priorities in the agreement. This is the customer`s guarantee for the provision of a consistent quality of service. Services Level Agreements A number of service level agreements (ALS) have been concluded with our clients. Under ALS, customers pay EMSTF a fixed annual fee in return for a full range of services covering either all systems located on specific sites or a group of systems or devices. Notes: Performance in terms of troubleshooting time is less satisfactory. Immediate action was taken to rectify the situation.

Since February 1997, the hours of service of the general electronic maintenance workshop have been extended to weekends and public holidays. Performance is expected to improve in 97/98. Providing quality customer service is one of our top priorities to ensure the success of the commercial fund and make our services more competitive.

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