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The Applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement

The organs of the executive body and the employers and their associations shall make available to trade unions or representative bodies approved by workers the information which they hold and which is necessary for the organisation of collective bargaining. The negotiating parties and other persons involved in the trial may not disclose the information at their disposal when it comes to a matter of state security or trade secret. Persons Representatives of trade unions and workers` collectives participating in collective bargaining may not be subject to disciplinary measures for the duration of such negotiations, transferred to another job, transferred or dismissed by the administration concerned without the agreement of the body for which they were elected. The parties to the negotiations enjoy full freedom of choice and discussion of the issues proposed for inclusion in the collective agreement or agreement. The experts at Fred Payroll and rue de la Paye join forces to guarantee you a proper pay slip process and pay slips at all times, in accordance with the rules and collective agreements in force. In view of the economic situation of the undertaking, the collective agreement may also contain other clauses, in particular those which offer workers more favourable working and socio-economic conditions than those laid down by legal and legislative standards and provisions (additional leave, pension supplements, early retirement, allowance for transport and mission expenses, free or reduced meals in the undertaking and for the children of workers of the schools and pre-school institutions, as well as other types of benefits and allowances). The signatory parties to the collective agreement must report on its application to the General Assembly (or conference) of the workers` collective each year or at regular intervals, as provided for in the collective agreement. A collective agreement is concluded in undertakings or entities which include such an undertaking and which have legal personality, irrespective of their form of ownership, field of activity or number of employees. In the event of restructuring of the enterprise, the collective agreement remains in force throughout its duration; it may then be revised on the initiative of one of the parties. The uniform draft collective agreement must necessarily be submitted to the workers of the various branches of the undertaking and finalised taking into account the additional comments, proposals and proposals made. The single draft, as complete, must be ratified by the General Assembly (or conference) of the workers` collective and signed, on behalf of the workers, by all the members of the joint representative body. .

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