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What Is A Fencing Agreement Nz

That depends. The developer of a subdivision generally ensures that there is a closing contract when selling sections, so they are not responsible for contributing to the cost of adjacent fences. In the absence of such an agreement, they would be required to contribute under the Fence Act. We can understand why the neighbors are not satisfied with the situation, but it would be better if you could agree with them on the laying of the concrete path and pipe, since the alternative to the agreement is to ask the district court to order their removal. You would probably need to hire a lawyer to take such steps. Hello, we live next to a private early childhood center. They received a notice of excessive noise reduction and Council made recommendations on how to modify the existing fence to correct the situation. The owners apparently told the board that they intended to cover the costs. If they inform us the day before that they will work on the fence the next day (without giving further details), do we have the right to request information about the nature of the work, the materials, the duration and schedule of this work? This is a common fence that extends on both sides of our baby`s room, which was built on the border.

Since this is a common fence, and given the circumstances, can they proceed without consulting us because they have informed us (very short notice) and will cover the cost? We just want to know what our rights are. Any information would be appreciated. My neighbor is still against the fence and does not let the builder cross the border line when building the fence. Can they do that? Yes. But if that happens, you can seek an order from a district court or dispute resolution court to allow anyone building the fence to enter your neighbor`s property at reasonable times and do whatever is reasonably necessary to build the fence. If a fencing contract is registered after 1 April 1979, it automatically expires 12 years after its registration. Subject to this, the burden of a registered fencing federation will run with the field. The benefit of a closing contract does not bind a subsequent purchaser of the adjacent property.

Except as provided in section 6, nothing in this Act affects any agreement, contract or arrangement between the landlord and the lessee or between adjacent residents or between other persons with respect to work on a fence or whether or not the work is to be carried out; but no such treaty, treaty or contract may give rise to a land interest. Check the title to your property to see what the easement says and consult the lawyer who made your transfer if necessary. If you are unable to reach an agreement between you, your options for resolving the dispute include mediation, arbitration, a disputes court or a district court.

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