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Subject Verb Agreement Spanish

Let`s start with the subjects. If we use the word in the grammatical sense, we are not talking about a subject. How do we see the difference? Consider the following sentence: Concordancia is the harmonious combination of elements in one sentence. There are two types of agreements (Concordancia) in Spanish: nominal concordancia (Noun agreement) and verbal concordancia (verb-agreement). Let`s look at some rules for the Concordancia verbally. Although the pronoun can be used as a subject in English, there is no appropriate use of a pronoux. If this was the subject in English, in Spanish, it will be understood; Just use the third person`s verb mode without the subject being mentioned. By organizing these types of subjects in a certain scheme, with the singulars on the left and the pluralists on the right, we create a kind of pigeon loft arrangement. The pattern he creates has three fields to the left for the three singular shapes and three on the right side for the plural shapes. In addition, each pigeon hole has its own verb shape. You can visualize this correspondence by imagining two of these models of pigeon lofts identical to each other, one that represents the pronouns of the subject and the other that represents their corresponding forms of verbs. The two bottom boxes each contain three elements: on the left side, eel, ella and usted; right, ellos, ellas and ustedes. If you look closely at the graph, you will see that there are four ways to tell yourself in Spanish.

Let`s start with you. Te is the form used between friends. Because it has a box for itself, its verb form is unique to that box – and therefore the pronoun itself can be omitted because there can be no error as to who the subject is. The corresponding plural, Vosotros (or Vosotras, if the group is all females) is used only in Spain. Usted is the formal or polished form. In Latin America, because Vosotros are not used, Ustedes is the only way to tell you in the plural. These two pronouns are often abbreviated in writing as Ud. and Uds.

Also note that Yo and Nosotros, like you, have their own boxes. After teaching the lesson on the Spanish verb chord, you will want to check how well the class understood the concepts. Use the following quiz questions on the next page to assess students` understanding. 1. t/contratar 2. el/emplear 3. ellas/alquilar 4. yo/mandar 5. 1./mejorar 6.

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