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What Was Wrong With The Paris Climate Agreement

Its report “The Truth Behind the Paris Agreement Climate Pledges” warns that not reducing emissions will cost the world at least $2 billion a day by 2030 in economic losses due to weather events exacerbated by man-made climate change. In addition, weather patterns and phenomena affect human health, livelihoods, food and water, and biodiversity. We have one of the most frequent energy reserves in the world, enough to lift America`s poorest working people out of poverty. But as part of this agreement, we are effectively locking up these reserves and taking the great wealth of our nation – it is a great wealth, it is a phenomenal wealth. Not so long ago, we had no idea that we had such wealth and that we were leaving millions and millions of families trapped in poverty and unemployment. Goni left at least 10 people dead and tens of thousands homeless on Sunday. Eta flooded Nicaragua on Tuesday with winds of 140 km/h and flooding. “Being officially outside is clearly damaging to the reputation of the United States,” said Andrew Light, a former senior climate official in the Obama administration. This increase represents a significant improvement in energy efficiency, while 2,400 coal-fired power plants will be closed and replaced by renewable energy over the next decade. It`s not just possible; it would be profitable. But 250 new coal-fired power plants are under construction worldwide, the report found. If Donald Trump is re-elected and the United States does not participate in the Paris agreement, other nations could probably adopt less aggressive measures to combat climate change. The United States is the largest historical contribution to climate change, although it has only 4% of the world`s population.

The Paris climate agreement consists of 12 pages and is accompanied by 19 pages of decisions that list all options to be implemented or developed under this new agreement. It will have consequences in various international agreements, from trade to agriculture, sustainable development, humanitarian aid, etc. Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the implementation and continuation of negotiations on the development of solutions will continue each year. After decades of negotiations, the world`s 197 nations have agreed to voluntarily reduce pollution to the lowering of heat caused by the climate crisis. Only a handful have not ratified the agreement. Mr President, it takes courage, commitment is needed to say no to the praise of men and, at the same time, to do what the American people are doing properly. You have that courage, and the American people can take solace because you have your back. Compliance with the terms of the Paris agreement and the energy restrictions it has imposed on the United States could cost America up to 2.7 million jobs by 2025, according to the National Economic Research Associates. That includes 440,000 fewer jobs in manufacturing – not what we need – believe me, that`s not what we need, including auto employment and the continued decimating of vital American industries, on which countless communities depend.

They count for so many things, and we would give them so little. The Paris Agreement brings a great historical change.

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    What Was Wrong With The Paris Climate Agreement

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    What Was Wrong With The Paris Climate Agreement