These adoption forms are basic forms for simple adoptions of in-laws with consent. Adoptions can be complicated and using legal forms without the help of a lawyer can affect your legal rights. There are two ways to start an adoption case for a step-parent, depending on whether or not there is a parent-child relationship between the child and the child`s other parent (who is not married to the step-parent): Yes, it is possible. Stepparent adoptions in Texas require an order terminating parental rights between the child to be adopted and the parent of the child who is not the step-parent`s spouse. The spouse of the step-parent (the child`s other parent) enters the adoption case as an applicant and his or her parental rights are not terminated. Each state has specific laws that regulate the issue of adoption of stepchildren. In many states, adopting a step-son is a simpler process than other types of adoption. Most states require you to file in-laws adoption forms with the court. US Legal Forms offers affordable, professionally designed in-laws adoption forms that comply with state laws. Courts require people who file adoption applications to follow the court`s rules. Failure to comply with court rules may prevent you from closing your case. Self-represented individuals are expected to know and follow the same rules as lawyers.

Adopting your son-in-law is now possible – without high legal fees. The first step in completing a starter adoption by a parent is to determine if you are eligible for an adoption. Most adoptions have one of the following situations: (1) the absent parent has left the child for a significant period of time, usually more than a year, or (2) the absent parent is ready to sign the consent, or (3) the other parent has died. By far the most common situation is that the absent parent has left the child. The forms we prepare are specific to each state, and they are also specific to each family situation. Our team prepares the documents specific to your situation so that you can be sure that the documents will be prepared and accepted professionally by the court. We offer a 100% money back guarantee that the documents will be approved by your court. The process is much easier when the other parent has died. If the child receives social security benefits from the deceased parent, these benefits will continue after adoption. Most requests for termination and adoption include a request to seal the files after the case has closed. This means that the documents are not available as public documents. An adult who is part of a child under the age of 18 may file for adoption by a step-parent.

The child`s parent (the step-parent`s spouse) must also join forces as an applicant in the event of adoption. See Texas Family Code 162.001(b)(2). Yes. It may happen several times that you have to go to court in a termination and adoption case. This article answers frequently asked questions about adopting in-laws in Texas. This article was written by TexasLawHelp. The law stipulates that a child must live with the applicant for at least six months before the court can grant the adoption. However, an exception applies if the applicant asks the court to waive this requirement and considers that this requirement is not in the best interests of the child. Read the law here: Texas Family Code 162.009. The fee we charge for creating your adoption forms is $325. You also have court fees that you will pay in court later. This fee is for court filing fees, background checks, and the other parent`s service.

It is difficult to estimate legal costs because the cost of caring for a parent whose whereabouts are unknown is higher than a parent signing a waiver of service. But you should estimate the legal costs at around $350. Note: If the rights of the child`s only living parent (other than the step-parent`s spouse) have already been terminated, the child`s dismissed parent will not be placed on the list of defendants in the adoption case. If termination is agreed, the parent whose rights are terminated must sign an “affidavit of voluntary waiver of parental rights.” This affidavit may indicate that no service is required. See Texas Family Code 161.103(c) (1). You can ask the judge to order that the adoption files remain open to you, your spouse (the other applicant), as well as your lawyer if you have one. Adopting stepchildren can be done quite easily if you know the legal actions involved. Mixed families now constitute a considerable number of households. When parents with children decide to remarry, adoption by stepparents is a logical step.

Adopting a step-son is one of the most common types of adoption in the United States. Adoption of in-laws offers full custody, so in-laws can share responsibility for parenting. Mixed families thrive when both custodial parents have the right to participate in important decisions about education, religion and health care. The District Court Clerk cannot help you fill out these forms or give you legal advice. The clerk can only provide you with very limited information about the adoption process. If you have any questions, you should contact a lawyer. Yes. There are family law lawyers who offer free or low-cost advice. They may also hire a family law lawyer to advise you, provide you with forms, review your forms, or help you prepare for the court hearing. You may then be able to edit the other parts of your adoption file for in-laws yourself. Hiring a lawyer for a limited purpose is called limited representation.

Note: If the child needs an order to terminate his or her parental rights before he or she can be adopted, the courts allow the termination and adoption cases to be filed in a single case. Dismissal and adoption take place at the same hearing. Talk to a family law lawyer about what is needed for your case. The other parent of the child (if alive) whose parental rights are terminated and any person having a court-ordered relationship with the child. File the adoption case with one of the following courts in the county where the child lives or where the applicants live (the adults who file the case): Read the laws on adoption by in-laws in: Chapter 162 of the Texas Family Code and Texas Family Code 102.005. When the adoption by the court is complete, the child`s name is changed. You also have the option to change the child`s first and/or middle name. If the child is 10 years of age or older and the adoption changes its name, the child must agree to the change of name in writing. See Texas Family Code 45.002(b). Step-parent adoptions help bring security and unity to stepchildren who feel alienated from their families. They are fully loved, but with only one active parent and usually the only person with a different surname, their self-confidence and self-esteem can sometimes suffer. Our adoption process has been praised by the courts for decades.

If you want to adopt your son-in-law, we can give you the opportunity to do so. In our program, our legal department prepares all the legal documents you need to complete your adoption and sends them to you for signature and submission to the court. You can go to court with confidence because you know that hundreds of families in your state have gone before you and passed their adoption. Now it`s your turn to give your child the gift of adoption. .