The October board meeting is this Thursday the 20th at 6:30pm at the office of AOS Research in the Cotton Exchange same as last meeting.  Jennifer Baca has previously sent the agenda and attachments for discussion.

We submitted the Eshelman Foundation grant requesting $60,000 for an Educational Coordinator and Outreach Program for 2012.  I’ve attached a copy of the grant only and position budget in this post.  A full copy of what was submitted with supportive letters will be given to you at the meeting.  When you open the pdf document the first page will appear blank, scroll down.  This is their application and all of the Bold titles are their questions we needed to answer for the program we are proposing and they also gave instructions to how many pages each section could be.

MCEF attended two community shows this past weekend.  PPD’s annual Vendor and Non-Profit fair and the 1st annual CFaeyc Fair.  The latter is the regional chapter of the national Assoc. of Early Education for Young Children.  Each show produced leads for volunteers and some business and pre-school networking contacts and my report is attached below.

See you Thursday.

Joan Loch



Joan’s report: