About Us

The Megan Cajigas Education Foundation is a family founded non-profit established in 2007 in memory of Megan our granddaughter, daughter, sister, cousin and niece. Megan’s life on earth was short, but she is now our angel in heaven inspiring us each and every day to help other children.  A father’s promise is kept alive with each and every donation received and scholarship awarded.  Megan’s identical twin sister, Emily, is now in Pre-K and reminds us daily that children of her age are learning new skills, developing habits and asking questions with every new experience that comes before them.  Every child deserves to have those skills, habits and questions nurtured in a supportive and educational environment.  Our belief is a quality Pre-K experience provides the environment.  We hope that you will help us by donating Dollars for Small Scholars today.

Sincerely the Kaczynski and Cajigas Families

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Mission Statement

Recognizing Pre-K is essential to the success of the community and enrichment of individual lives, The Megan Cajigas Education Foundation’s mission is to provide Pre-K scholarship monies to families in need to enable more children to reach their maximum potential during their journey of life long learning.

What is the Megan Cajigas Education Foundation?

The Megan Cajigas Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) Charity dedicated to creating opportunities for children to develop their unique skills and talents by awarding Pre-K scholarships.  Tax ID # 26-0569180

2014 Board Of Directors


Sarah Flaherty – President

Cathy Chester – Vice President

Mary Nolan – Secretary 

Megan Anderson – Treasurer

Ed Kaczynski – Founder 

Lacy Ford – Program Director 

Members at Large:

Lacey Bender

Pamela Chapman

Donnie Davis

Ella Deaver

Sally Kaczynski