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Megan Cajigas Education Foundation Mission Statement

Recognizing Pre-K education is essential to the success of the community and enrichment of individual lives, The Megan Cajigas Education Foundation’s mission is to provide Pre-K scholarship monies to families in need to enable more children to reach their maximum potential during their journey of life long learning.

WHY Pre-K Makes A Difference

Studies show that 50% of a child’s ability to learn is developed by the age of  five(5). Furthermore, there’s a widely acknowledged domino effect:  Kids who get a good start on school are more likely to stay out of trouble and graduate, enabling them to be more productive citizens who earn more money, pay more taxes and improve their families’ economic situations

WHY Donate Your Dollars 4 Small Scholars

Because your dollars will directly fund a child’s Pre-K education scholarship for families that are struggling to provide what most of us take for granted for our children and grandchildren.  There is a large gap between the income levels of families qualifying for limited state or federal Pre-K education assistance and those not qualifying.  We help those families that fall in-between.

Our Legislative Initiative section provides real time news and supporting evidence from nationally recognized institutes and organizations regarding the need to educate our children at the early age of 3-4 before they enter kindergarten.

Together we can make a difference for a child and for the future.